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--- About the Show

My name is Joy and I'm a picture of perfect health; don't you think? There's only one problem…I'm not.

In America, we tend to view health as the absence of disease, but don't look beyond the symptoms to stop problems before they arise. My symptoms have been called IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia; but no western doctor has been able to answer the question WHY. Why did I get sick? How do I get better?

Its time to look at health in a new light. Disease is the absence of health; not the other way around. Foreign cultures have had this viewpoint for centuries, and it's time to explore better alternatives to achieving wellness.

Join me as I explore, test and experiment with an array of health traditions from cultures around the globe. Open your mind and consider redefining wellness in the west. This is Exploring Joy.

--- Concept and Cause

It's official - America has been termed the Medication Nation. Over half of insured Americans take one or more prescription drugs, and many others have come to accept the daily symptoms of poor health (pain, discomfort, fatigue) as a part of everyday life. We don't cultivate good health habits until we are faced with a problem, and who can blame us? Although western medicine offers an incredible array of life saving treatments and offers hope to those in need, it still takes a reactionary approach to wellness - screening for disease at annual checkups rather than counseling patients on proper health etiquette. The insurance industry is set up in the same way, with virtually no coverage of preventative measures and a strong focus on prescription treatments. Add to that the constant reinforcement from TV and print that healthy means skinny, toned, and tan - we simply don't get exposure to any other way of thinking. If we are to achieve a higher level of health and happiness, we must redefine our concept of well-being - the goal and purpose of Exploring Joy.

"Health is not the absence of disease, disease is the absence of health" - Ancient Ayurvedic proverb.

Exploring Joy is a show designed to paint wellness in a new and refreshing light, to explore a more global definition of wellness, to encourage active participation in the exploration process, and to offer the tools and guidance for making a positive lifestyle change. The host and co-creator, Joy, will lead the show in her own search for wellness as she participates in an array of wellness practices and techniques, and talks with holistic practitioners around the globe. The viewer will be encouraged to participate in Joy's exploration with try-at-home examples, yoga practices, food demonstrations, suggested readings, and other homework assignments related to the wellness movement.

By the end of the season, participating viewers will be empowered to take their wellness into their own hands, enjoy a greater overall sense of well-being (physically and mentally), and have a support structure in place with resources and materials to continue their personal development.

--- Contact Us and Get Involved


America needs a wellness plan, a new initiative, and there's no denying that the movement has already begun. Holistic practitioners are springing up everywhere as Americans search for an alternative to the limited (and often harmful) options available to us. Exploring Joy is merely a vehicle through which to explore those options on a global scale in the greater search for total and complete health.

The time is now - it's time to take the movement into your own hands, to become part of the solution, and to help future generations combat the growing epidemic of chronic-illness and poor standards of health ruining our nation's reputation and diminishing our quality of life. Please join us in our exploration for your own well-being, and become part of our experiment. We want to hear from you; we want to know what you'd like to see as we prepare to venture out in this crucial exploration. We need your help; support us by spreading the word or donating to help make Exploring Joy a reality.

Get inspired, get involved, get well - join us as we explore joy.

--- Quick Stats

783,936 - deaths induced inadvertently by a medical treatment or procedure
$282 Billion - spent annually on failed or unnecessary medical interventions
133 Million - Americans have a chronic illness
7 of 10 - deaths are from chronic illness

--- Quotes & Feedback

"With proper diet and lifestyle, medicine is of no need. With improper diet and lifestyle, medicine is of no use" - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

"Foolish is the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients" - Hippocrates

"The worst thing about medicine is that one kind makes another necessary." - Elbert Hubbard